Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for managing the properties and activities of the CAG. The Board welcomes members' comments and suggestions which may be forwarded via the National Office by email.


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Kevin Waschke



Past President

Nicola L. Jones



President Elect

Paul Moayyedi


laura sly squared

VP Secretary

Laura Sly

BSs, PhD, MSc

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VP Treasurer

Neeraj Narula




Past Presidents

2018-2020David ArmstrongMcMaster University
2016-2018Derek McKayUniversity of Calgary
2014-2016Daniel SadowskiUniversity of Alberta
2012-2014David MorganMcMaster University
2010-2012Ronald BridgesUniversity of Calgary
2008-2010William PatersonQueen’s University
2006-2008Desmond J LeddinDalhousie University
2004-2006Philip M ShermanUniversity of Toronto
2002-2004John L WallaceUniversity of Calgary
2000-2002Richard FedorakUniversity of Alberta
1998-2000Gary A LevyUniversity of Toronto
1996-1997J Joseph ConnonUniversity of Toronto
1994-1996D Grant GallUniversity of Calgary
1993-1994Stephen M CollinsMcMaster University
1992-1993Richard H HuntMcMaster University
1991-1992Suzanne E LemireUniversité Laval
1990-1991Eldon A ShafferUniversity of Calgary
1989-1990Iain G CleatorUniversity of British Columbia
1988-1989Aubrey GrollQueen’s University
1987-1988Alan BR ThomsonUniversity of Alberta
1986-1987C Noel WilliamsDalhousie University
1985-1986Claude C RoyUniversité de Montréal
1984-1985William C WatsonUniversity of Western Ontario
1983-1984Laurington R DaCostaQueen’s University
1982-1983Cameron HarrisonUniversity of British Columbia
1981-1982Gordon G ForstnerUniversity of Toronto
1980-1981Jacques KesslerMcGill University
1979-1980Florent ThibertUniversité de Montréal
1978-1979Wilfred M WeinsteinUniversity of Alberta
1977-1978Leslie S ValbergUniversity Western Ontario
1976-1977Bernard J PereyUniversité de Sherbrooke
1975-1976Richard R GilliesUniversity of Ottawa
1974-1975Jacques O GagnonUniversité de Montréal
1973-1974Joseph J SidorovDalhousie University
1972-1973James F LindUniversity of Manitoba
1971-1972John M FinlayUniversity of Toronto
1970-1971J Alan L GilbertUniversity of Alberta
1969-1970Douglas G KinnearMcGill University
1968-1969Abraham BogochUniversity of British Columbia
1967-1968Ivan T BeckQueen’s University
1966-1967KJR WightmanUniversity of Toronto
1965-1966Paul LetendreUniversité de Montréal
1964-1965Eric M NansonUniversity of Saskatchewan
1963-1964Walter C MackenzieUniversity of Alberta
1962-1963Robert C DicksonDalhousie University
1961-1962Richard D McKennaMcGill University


Operations Committee


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Chair, Operations Committee

Stuart Johnston

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

louis liu

VP, Administrative Affairs

Louis Liu



VP, Clinical Affairs

Grigorios Leontiadis


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VP, Education Affairs

Steven Gruchy


geoffrey nguyen squared

VP, Quality Affairs

Geoffrey Nguyen


nathalie perreault squared

VP, Research Affairs

Nathalie Perreault




Board Committees

To view committee members, please click on the Committees below:


Administrative Affairs

Sub-Committee Name Role
  Louis Liu, Toronto, ON V.P.
Admissions Yvonne Tse, Toronto, ON Chair
Diversity & Equity Laura Targownik, Toronto, ON Chair
Ethics Flavio Habal, Toronto, ON Chair
Publications/Archives Jean-Eric Ghia, Winnipeg, MB Chair
GIWomenCAN! Laura Targownik, Toronto, ON Chair
Talia Zenlea, Toronto, ON Co-Chair
Deanna Gibson, Vancouver, BC Member
Juliet Daniel, Hamilton, ON Member
Noor Jawaid, Toronto, ON Member
Trainee Representative Parul Tandon Toronto, ON Member

Clinical Affairs

Sub-Committee Name Role
  Grigorios Leontiadis, Hamilton, ON V.P.
Endoscopy Mark Borgaonkar, St. John’s NL Chair
Pediatrics Matthew Carroll, Edmonton, AB Chair
Practice Affairs Frances Tse, Hamilton, ON Chair
Regional Representation Mark MacMillan, Fredericton, NB Chair
Naseem Hoque, St. Albert, AB Member
James McHattie, Regina, SK Member
Chetty Muthiah, Winnipeg, MB Member
Emily Ching, Hamilton, ON Member
Steven Gruchy, Halifax, NS Member
Bharati Reddy, St. John's, NL Member
Nazira Chatur, Vancouver, BC Member
Melanie Belanger, Montreal, QC Member
Trainee Representative Lindsey Russell Hamilton, ON Member

Education Affairs

Sub-Committee Name Role
  Steven Gruchy, Halifax, NS V.P.
GRIT Michael Curley, Hanover, New Hampshire Evaluation Representative
Jeff McCurdy, Ottawa, ON Lead Co-Chair
Jennifer Jin, Edmonton, AB Junior Co-Chair
Stephanie Canning, Ottawa, ON Faculty
Jason Silverman, Edmonton, AB Member
Lawrence Hookey, Kingston, ON Member
Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Brian Yan, London, ON Chair
Catharine Walsh, Toronto, ON Member (CBD Focus)
Robert Berger, Halifax, NS Member (Podcast Focus)
Pushpa Sathya, St. John's, NL Member
Samir Grover, Toronto, ON Member
Maria Cino, Toronto, ON Member
Amindeep Sandhu, London, ON Member
Program Directors Winnie Wong, Edmonton, AB Chair
Scholars' Jennifer deBruyn, Calgary, AB Co-Chair
John Igoe, Halifax, NS Co-Chair
Skills Enhancement for Endoscopy™ (SEE™) Don MacIntosh, Halifax, NS Co-Chair
Alaa Rostom, Ottawa, ON Co-Chair
Trainee Representative Marcel Tomaszewski,Vancouver, BC Member (Podcast Focus)

Quality Affairs

Committee Name Role
  Geoffrey Nguyen, Toronto, ON V.P.
Innovation Maida Sewitch, Montreal, QC Co-Chair
Natasha Bollegala, Toronto, On Primer Lead
Quality Practice Guidelines David Morgan, Hamilton, ON Chair
C-GRS Sub-Committee Nicky Marwaha, Burlington, ON Chair
Dan Sadowski, Edmonton, AB Co-Chair
Jennifer Telford, Vancouver, BC Member
Val Ginzburg, Richmond Hill, ON Member
Stephanie Carpentier, St. John's, NL Member
Dana Moffatt, Winnipeg, MB Member
Harminder Singh, Winnipeg, MB Member
Rabin Persad, Edmonton, AB Member
IBD GRS Sub-Committee Alain Bitton, Montreal, QC Chair
Adam Weizman, Toronto, ON Member
Geoffrey Nguyen, Toronto, ON Member
Vipul Jairath, London, ON Member
Reporting Peter Rossos, Toronto, ON Chair
Practice Audit Sub-Committee Harminder Singh, Winnipeg, MB Chair
Frances Tse, Hamilton, ON Member
Catharine Walsh, Toronto, ON Member
Talat Bessissow, Montreal, QC Member
Choosing Wisely Sub-Committee Des Leddin, Halifax, NS Chair
Mark MacMillan, Fredericton, NB Member
Maida Sewitch, Montreal, QC Member
Adam Weizman, Toronto, ON Member

Research Affairs

Sub-Committee Name Role
  Nathalie Perreault, Sherbrooke, QC V.P.
  Fernando Lopes, Calgary, AB Member
  Simon Hirota, Calgary, AB Member
  Jean-Eric Ghia, Manitoba, MB Member
  Yasmin Nasser, Calgary, AB Member
  Lisa Osborne, Vancouver, BC Member
  Maitreyi Raman, Calgary, AB Member
  Alberto Caminero, Hamilton, ON Member
  Christophe Altier, Calgary, AB Member
  Veronique Giroux, Sherbrooke, QC Member
  Arthur Mortha, Calgary, AB Member
  Cathy Lu, Calgary, AB Member
  Joannie Allaire, Vancouver, BC Trainee Representative
Research Topics Samantha Gruenheid, Montreal, QC Co-Chair
Maria Ines Pinto Sanchez, Hamilton, ON Co-Chair
  Jean-Eric Ghia, Winnipeg, MB Faculty


Name Role
Laura Sly, Vancouver, BC Chair
Kevin Waschke, Montreal, QC Member
Mark MacMillan, Fredericton, NB Member
Laura Targownik, Winnipeg, MB Member
Paul Moayyedi Hamilton, ON Member
Premysl Bercik, Hamilton, ON Member
Waliul Khan, Hamilton, ON Member
CAG org structure June2020