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Last updated October 2018


Three data sources were used to determine numbers which contribute to understanding Canada’s GI workforce.1 The sources used include the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) for overall numbers, Canadian Institute of Health Information: Scott’s Medical Data Base (CIHI-SMDB) for general number breakdowns, and Canadian Post-M.D. Education Registry’s (CAPER) for trainee and fellow counts.


Number of Canadian Gastroenterologists: A Comparison of Two Databases2,3



Trainees and Fellows


The Gastroenterology trainees and fellows counted below were pre-sorted by CAPER. The data for our tables was extracted from CAPER’s Individual Specialty Report – Gastroenterology - with the filter of Faculty of Medicine Providing Post-M.D. Training, determined by November 1 of the report year. The trainee numbers were ranked PGY-4 through PGY-7, while also providing summary counts.


Canadian Gastroenterology Trainee Numbers4


**CC/PR stands for Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents


CAPER’s counts of Gastroenterology fellows adhere to the following definition. “(A) post-M.D. trainee who is registered with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office of a university faculty of medicine and who, regardless of the source of funding, is pursuing clinical or research training which will NOT be evaluated by the supervising faculty for the purpose of Canadian licensure, or certification by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Collège des médecins du Québec or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.” 4


Canadian Gastroenterology Fellow Numbers4


**CC/PR stands for Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents


Gastroenterology Workforce Summary by Canadian Province5,6,7



Percentage Change of GIs per 100,0002,5,7,8



Overall Canadian Gastroenterology Numbers by Province5



Canadian Adult Gastroenterologist Numbers by Province3



Canadian Pediatric Gastroenterologists Numbers by Province3



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