CAG Fellow Designation


The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Fellow (CAGF) designation is awarded to physician or PhD members who have been Regular members for 10 consecutive years, have served on a CAG committee or executive board for 5 years, which need not be consecutive and participation in (as participant and/or faculty) a minimum of 3 CME programs sponsored by the CAG (includes CDDW™) within the last (5) years. It is equally open to those in medical practice or research. Fellows will be announced in December and a Fellow reception will be held at CDDW™ the year following.


CAGF 2023 Recipients


Dr. Jean-Eric Ghia
Dr. Simon Hirota
Dr. Mark MacMillan
Dr. Veronique Morinville
Dr. Laura Sly
Dr. Holly Wiesinger


The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Fellow (CAGF) distinction is an esteemed honour for CAG members who have demonstrated long-term commitment to the Association and to furthering the goals of advancing GI practice and research in Canada. The designation allows the person to use the CAGF suffix professionally. All other rights and requirements are those of a Regular Member (including membership fees and CDDW™ registration).

Terms of the CAGF

  • Requires at least 10 years of continuous Regular membership in CAG, and with current membership in good standing. Membership history in other categories, such as Trainee, or Affiliate does not apply to the 10 year duration.
  • Contribution to CAG through committee or executive work – with at least 5 years holding CAG positions. These years need not be consecutive.
  • Participation in (as participant and/or faculty) a minimum of 3 CME programs sponsored by the CAG (includes CDDW™) within the last 5 years
  • If a physician, Candidate shall have a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in his/her respective province or territory, unless retired.
  • If not a physician, Candidate will have graduated from an accredited academic institution, and reached the rank of Associate or Full Professor or its equivalent.
  • Honorees will be presented with a CAG lapel pin and a certificate at CDDW™, and will be listed on the CAGF page on the CAG website.
  • For members in Quebec or who desire it, the equivalent French designation of AACG (Associé de l’Association Canadienne de Gastroentérologie) may be used.
  • Designation of the CAGF is by the sole discretion of the CAG and may be withdrawn, altered, or revoked as necessary.


Previous Award Recipients