Thank you for your interest in the Research Conference Grant. Please fill out the required application information below.

PLEASE ENSURE ALL ATTACHMENT FILE NAMES DO NOT CONTAIN SPECIAL CHARACTERS. This includes but is not limited to  ! * # ; ? \ / : " < > |.

PLEASE NOTE that you must submit the online application, in one single step; you are not able to save your application and return to it at a future date, rather it must be completed all at one time.

Applicant Details


Letter of Request

 A letter of request from the conference organizing committee, or representative thereof, which details the broad perspective of the conference is required. File must be in .pdf format.

Program of Events

A detailed program of events is required. File must be in .pdf format.


A detailed budget is required. File must be in .pdf format.

The following expenditures will be considered eligible for funding:

  • Costs associated with planning, publication, translation, and/or dissemination;
  • Fees or honoraria for the preparation of background documents (e.g. environmental scan, market reports and analysis);
  • Travel and accommodation for participants;
  • Meeting rooms and associated meeting costs (e.g. audio-visual equipment, videoconferences);
  • Hospitality costs (non-alcoholic refreshments or meals);

The following costs are not eligible for support:

  • Honoraria;
  • Purchase or maintenance of equipment;
  • Operating costs of research projects;
Trainee Benefits

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Upon successful submission you will be directed to a webpage that confirms the successful submission and within a short period of time you will receive an email from the CAG National Office confirming receipt of your submission.  If this does not occur, please contact the CAG National Office.

NOTE: Upon submission do not close your browser or use the back button until the Thank You screen appears confirming your submission has been successful. Uploading of large files may take a minute or more.