Digestive Health Care

For more than a decade the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) has undertaken several important initiatives to help improve access to timely, high quality digestive healthcare for Canadians.

The Association was among the first national specialty societies in Canada, and the only one in the area of digestive health care, to define wait time benchmarks, monitor actual wait times, and examine manpower.

Findings confirm that waits for gastroenterological care are excessive and that many wait time targets are not being met. In addition, unless training positions are increased, Canada will face a manpower crisis in gastroenterology, a fact made more concerning by the increasing demand for endoscopists for colorectal cancer screening. Recognizing that resources are limited the CAG is leading a movement for quality assessment in gastroenterology to ensure those resources are optimally utilized for patient care. As a member of the Wait Time Alliance the CAG continues its efforts to decrease wait times and improve access to digestive health care for all Canadians.

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