Artificial Intelligence (AI)



To promote education and research related to AI in Gastroenterology to the CAG membership. The SIG will promote discussion and debate among Canadian Gastroenterologists and through its activities, advance the field of AI in GI in Canada



AI is a rapidly expanding field that has direct relevance to the practice of Gastroenterology. Most notably, AI systems have been developed to assist with polyp detection and characterization during colonoscopy. Such systems are currently available and more are expected. It is anticipated that AI will influence many other aspects of GI practice and service delivery in the future.

This SIG in AI is created to facilitate education to the CAG membership about AI technologies and potential applications in the future. This SIG takes an active role in creating educational events for the membership. The first event planned is a webinar to the membership to introduce AI, discuss its current applications, and give a perspective for the future. Dr. Michael Byrne, a Canadian expert in this area, has agreed to help organize the webinar, along with 1-2 international experts to deliver the program. Each expert will speak on an area in AI and the program will conclude with a Q&A session with the panel.

The other objective of the SIG is to foster research in the field of AI in Canada. Specific projects have yet to be determined but could include surveys of the membership to assess knowledge gaps, needs assessment, piloting of new technologies, or original research to assess AI systems.


Members of this SIG:


Dr. Mark Borgaonkar

Endoscopy Chair, CAG

Professor of Medicine, Memorial University

CAG Member (Fellow)


Dr. Alan Barkun

McGill University

CAG Member


Dr. Daniel von Renteln

Attending Physician, Gastroenterology Division

CHUM Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Montreal Scientist, CRCHUM

CAG Member


Dr. Clarence Wong

University of Alberta

CAG Member

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This Scientific Interest Group has received an educational grant from Medtronic Canada and approved by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG).