GRADE and Guideline Methodologist Training

The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) is actively recruiting members interested in undertaking training to become guideline methodologists for the development of CAG Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG). This position is vital for upholding high standards, given that the CAG guidelines have earned international recognition due to the meticulous development process they undergo. The benefits of this high standard serve not only the CAG and its members, but patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers alike. As a guideline methodologist, accepted applicants will gain authorship in key publications as well as valuable career development experience.

Each candidate must be a CAG member (in good standing for at least 3 years), as well as an actively practicing gastroenterologist. With a commitment to clinical research, applicants should understand methods of reaching consensus (such as the modified Delphi). An epidemiological background is beneficial, with expertise and experience in knowledge synthesis methodology.

Job Description:

  • Work as a guideline methodologist for at least one CAG CPG per year on average.
  • Guide the CPG panel to develop statements/questions in PICO format.
  • Assess the certainty of evidence (as per GRADE) for each statement/question.
  • Attend the consensus meeting (present a short lecture on GRADE; briefly present the certainty of evidence for each statement/question; ensure that the GRADE process and the CAG CPG process are followed).
  • Following the face-to-face meeting, re-assess and revise the certainty of evidence assessments, based on feedback received during the meeting or due to re-worded statements.
  • Support the writing team in the preparation of the manuscript, prepare the evidence profile tables for the manuscript, and help respond to editorial and peer-review comments.
  • Review disclosure of conflicts of interests of proposed guideline panel members to ensure the guideline development process upholds the highest standards of ethics and transparency.


  • Attend International Guideline Training and Certification Program (INGUIDE) Level 1 (certified guideline group or panel member) and Level 2 (certified guideline methodologist). Funding to attend INGUIDE will be supported by CAG..
  • Guideline methodologists will be offered permanent membership on the Guideline Committee for the CAG, reflecting the significant investment made by CAG in their training, expertise, and experience.
  • Attend all Clinical Affairs meetings since guideline development is an important pillar of CAG Clinical Affairs
  • Deliver an intense amount of work over a short period of time.
  • Follow the mentoring process and attend additional training courses (eg. GRADE for diagnostic accuracy statements) where required.


Please contact Nosheen Maqsood (CAG National Office) with any questions regarding this opportunity.