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The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) was founded in 1962 to promote the study of the digestive tract in health and disease. The Association is built on broad principles and includes individuals of different disciplines (physicians, surgeons, paediatricians, radiologists, basic scientists). Today, the Association is comprised of over 1,100 members. CAG members are actively involved in research, education and patient care in all areas of digestive health and disease, contributing to the economic and social health of all Canadians.

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In this area CAG members may place either: job descriptions for positions they are hoping to fill, or criteria for a job wanted.

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IBD Virtual Case Review

Receive Section 2 Credits by signing up for the CAG Accredited Program: IBD Virtual Case Review today!

There are 3 upcoming events in June (16, 22, and 24). Click here for more information.