The CAG Research Excellence Award is awarded to a member of the CAG who has made an outstanding contribution to gastroenterology through basic and/or clinical research.

2016 Award Recipient

Dr. Bruce Vallance, University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Application Process

Step One: Nomination - Deadline is August 31 11:59 PM ET


PLEASE NOTE that you must submit the online nomination form INCLUDING uploading of all required documents (in .pdf format), in one single step; you are not able to save your application and return to it at a future date, rather it must be completed all at one time.

During your completion of the nomination form you will be asked to upload required documentation; you must have these .pdf documents prepared, finalized, and ready to upload when you begin the online form.
1. Letter of Support
2. CV of the Nominee

Upon successful submission you will be directed to a webpage that confirms the successful submission and within a short period of time you will receive an email from the CAG National Office confirming receipt of your submission.  If this does not occur, please contact the CAG National Office immediately.

PLEASE ENSURE ALL ATTACHMENT FILE NAMES DO NOT CONTAIN SPECIAL CHARACTERS. This includes but is not limited to  ! * # ; ? / : " < > |.

Nominators must be CAG members.

We strongly suggest completion of this application form using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Some Internet Explorer users may not be able to view all content nor access all functionality.

Step Two: Review

The CAG Research Affairs Committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the executive, who will make the final decision regarding recipients. Selection will be based on the research records of candidates.

Step Three: Approval

Only the award recipient will be notified via email. The award is presented at CDDW™.

    2015 Dr. Paul Beck, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
    2014 Dr. Wallace MacNaughton, University of Calgary
    2013 Dr. Nathalie Rivard, Université de Sherbrooke
    2012 Dr. Charles Bernstein, University of Manitoba
    2011 Dr. Paul Kubes, University of Calgary
    2010 Dr. Herbert Gaisano, University of Toronto
    2009 Dr. Derek, McKay, University of Calgary
    2008 Dr. Stephen Vanner, Queen’s University
    2007 Dr. Andre Buret, University of Calgary
    2006 Dr. Keith Sharkey, University of Calgary
    2005 Dr. Kris Chadee, University of Calgary
    2004 Dr. Jon Meddings, University of Alberta
    2003 Dr. Daniel Menard, Université de Sherbrooke
    2002 Dr. Jan Huizinga, McMaster University
    2001 Dr. Mary Perdue, McMaster University
    2000 Dr. William G. Paterson. Queen's University
    1999 Dr. Philip M. Sherman, University of Toronto
    1998 Dr. John L. Wallace, University of Calgary
    1997 Dr. Gordon R. Greenberg, University of Toronto
    1996 Dr. Kursheed N. Jeejeebhoy, University of Toronto
    1995 Dr. Stephen M. Collins, McMaster University
    1994 Dr. Claude C. Roy, University of Montreal
    1993 Dr. Alan BR Thomson, University of Alberta