The Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) is pleased to make available a total of seventeen 2016 Summer Student Scholarships for research in gastroenterology.

These scholarships arise from the CAG (8), Crohn’s & Colitis Canada (6), the Alberta Association of Gastroenterology (ASG)/CAG (2), and the CAG and Canadian Digestive Health Foundation with the Ivan Beck Memorial Summer Studentship Award (1).  These scholarships are designed to provide short-term financial support for undergraduates who wish to obtain introductory training in research in the field of Gastroenterology.  The ASG-CAG awards will be offered to the top two scored Alberta applicants following the determination of the Ivan Beck Award.

The CAG and the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) are honoured to support the Ivan Beck Memorial Summer Studentship Award. The top ranked applicant will be awarded the Ivan Beck Memorial Summer Studentship Award which includes an additional stipend of $1,000. This award is in recognition of Dr. Ivan Beck, one of the founding members of the CAG (1962) and the CDHF (1995).

  • The award of $5,000 is to be used entirely for the student's salary.
  • The top ranked applicant will be awarded the Ivan Beck Memorial Summer Studentship Award which includes $1,000 in addition to the above stipend.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to work full time on a research project under the supervision of a qualified investigator for 4 months (May-August)
  • The top two ranked applicants from the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary will be awarded the ASG-CAG Summer Studentship Awards.
  • The supervisor must be a member, in good standing for at least three years, of the CAG.
  • The applicant must be enrolled in an undergraduate program or related programs (e.g. nursing, dentistry). Applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree, or will graduate before undertaking this award, are not eligible.
  • The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status.
  • The applicant may only hold this award once.

Application Process

Step One: Submit Application - Deadline is January 31 11:59 PM ET

Applicants must submit online application.

Step Two: Review

The applications will be reviewed and ranked by CAG Research Affairs. Winners will be notified by mid-April. Funding will be provided by during May.

Step Three: Approval

The award will be made on the basis of suitability and excellence in the following order:

1. The environment where the research is to be carried out.
2. The research proposal, with emphasis on the applicant’s role in an ongoing project illustrating how the project provides an introduction to research in the broad field of gastroenterology.
3. The applicant, based on previous scholastic records.

Under normal circumstances only one applicant, per laboratory, will be funded.

Step Four: Post-Program Submission

A short summary (1-2 pages) of your work, including results and a list of any publications (abstracts, papers, and presentations) must be submitted no later than one month after completion of the award term.