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Given the current, and rapidly evolving, situation with the COVID-19 virus the CAG has taken the decision to cancel all planned SEE™ courses between now and the end of December 2020. The health and safety of our delegates, faculty and staff is top priority. Hopefully we will be able to have a SEE™ course schedule in 2021. Please note you may still complete the SEE™ course registration form(s) so that your name will be added to the waitlist.

SEE™ Program

Over time, a gap in the quality of endoscopy skills, across this country and others, has been identified through varied sources and a solution deemed critical to be realized. With the CAG's increased focus on quality markers for all performed procedures, the Skills Enhancement for Endoscopy™ (SEE™) Program is one initiative that will certainly help to accomplish that very goal. In September 2012, a working group met to determine the scope of the gap, the key components that the SEE™ Program would house and the framework of how to develop this program nationally to ensure that standards were uniform, could be monitored and that training would be available to those in need. It was determined that the SEE™ Program would encompass two (2) types of accredited programs, each to run independently.

The first course offered is Colonoscopy Skills Improvement (CSI)* which is designed for all practising endoscopists. The CSI Course provides up-skilling and improvement of colonoscopy skills. This course consists of one (1) day live endoscopy sessions, with two (2) SEE™ Certified Faculty teaching up to three (3) delegates. This course is of particular interest to the provincial colon cancer screening programs (endorsed by the British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland programs) which are underway in Canada.

The second course offered is Train-the-Endoscopy-Trainer (TET)*, which is led by SEE™ Certified Faculty. This course is designed for teachers of endoscopy, with specific aims to improve teaching skills and procedural conscious competence needed to teach endoscopy. The TET courses will run 1.5 days with two (2) SEE™ Certified Faculty teaching up to six (6) delegates. It is recommended that the CSI Course is taken prior to the TET Course.

The CSI and TET courses are offered at 15 SEE™ Certified training centres located across Canada. These courses are offered to CAG Regular Members for a fee of $1000.00 + tax per course. For Canadian non-CAG members, the course registration fee is $2,250.00 + tax.

The third course offered is Endoscopic Polypectomy Improvement Course (EPIC)*. This one day course consists of a half-day didactic lecture (Approach to Polypectomy: Diagnosis of polyps; Polypectomy techniques; Case-based discussion) and a half-day practical hands-on session using an ex-vivo porcine model. The course will be facilitated by five (5) SEE™ Certified Faculty teaching up to three (3) delegates per station (total of 15 delegates per course).

EPIC is currently offered at two (2) simulation centres; McGill Steinberg Centre for Simulation Interactive Learning and The University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre. The course fee is $1,000.00 + tax for CAG members ($2,250.00 + tax for non-members).

Course registration fees are subject to change without notice.

The Colonoscopy Skills Improvement (CSI) Course is a recipient of the 2016 Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award

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For information on becoming a SEE™ Certified Faculty and/or setting up a SEE™ Certified Centre, please contact the SEE™ Co-chairs:

Dr. Don MacIntosh

Dr. Alaa Rostom

If you would like more information regarding the SEE™ Program, please contact:

Palma Colacino (CAG National Office)

If you would like to become a member of the CAG to take advantage of the lower courses fees, you must sign-up for a three-year CAG Regular Membership.

*The SEE™ Programs courses are currently being offered to Canadian practising endoscopists only.


SEE™ Program – Cancellation Policy
Requests for refunds must be requested in writing, no later than three weeks prior to the course. Refund requests thereafter will not be accepted. Refunds are subject to an administrative fee of $100.

Please send requests to the CAG National Office:

Palma Colacino (CAG National Office)

Fax: 905-829-0242

CAG has the right to cancel a program at any time at its discretion.

Key Components

  • This program is an Accredited Self-Assessment Program (Section Three), or an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section One), as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of The Royal College and approved by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG). Or you may choose to claim Section Two Self-Learning credits. All CanMEDS roles are covered by participation in this program.
  • The CSI Course is approved for 8 credit hours for Section One or 8 hours of Section Three credits for a total of 24 credits for Section Three
  • The TET Course is approved for up to 11 credit hours for Section One or 11 hours of Section Three credits for a total of 33 credits for Section Three
  • EPIC is approved for up to 7.5 credit hours for Section One or 7.5 hours of Section Three credits for a total of 22.5 credits for Section Three
  • All courses will have standardized curricula that will be adhered to nationally
  • The number of course participants is small, which allows for individual hands-on experience, coaching, and feedback.
  • 931 Delegates Trained
  • 255 Courses Delivered
  • 16 Certified Centres
  • 10000 Credit Hours
SEE™ Program Schedule, SEE™ Certified Centres and simulation centres
Want to know when a SEE™ course is coming to your area?

Please Note: Once you have submitted your registration form, your name will be placed on the SEE™ Program waitlist (you will not automatically be enrolled into a course). We will contact you via email to confirm enrollment.


Hospital Privileges

All delegates attending SEE™ Program CSI and/or TET courses must have hospital privileges. Once you have received your course enrollment confirmation please contact the SEE™ Centre to acquire instructions on how to obtain your hospital privileges.

SEE™ CentrePrivileges Contact Information
Forzani & MacPhail Colon Cancer Screening Centre Sandy Hafez:
Victoria General Hospital Dr. Dana Farina:
McMaster University Medical Centre Debbie Russ:
Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Dr. Brian Murat:
CHUS (Hôtel Dieu du Sherbrooke) Dr. Charles Menard:
Mayranie Legault-Goyette:
St. Paul’s Hospital Dr. Jennifer Telford:
Victoria General Hospital Credentialing Department:

Disclaimer: “Out-of-Province licence” must be obtained by delegate three (3) months in advance of course. Please contact your Provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons to inquire about the necessary documentation before you register for a SEE™ course being held outside of your province.



Meet our Certified SEE™ Faculty
The Certified SEE™ Program Faculty consists of CAG members from across the country. For information on becoming a SEE™ Certified Faculty and/or setting up a SEE™ Certified Centre, please email .
Prior to participating in a CSI Course, we encourage you to participate in the CAG Practice Audit in GastroEnterology (PAGE).
This is a free smartphone-based practice audit which allows you to quickly record a few key colonoscopy outcome measures – it only takes a couple of minutes per procedure. This will serve as your baseline data prior to the CSI Course however, additionally, you can also compare your data with that of your peers and earn Section 3 credits (PAGE is an accredited Self-Assessment Program approved for 12 hours of Section Three Credit for a total of 36 credits)!

The SEE™ Program has received an educational grant from:

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