Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

Announcing 75% Reduced JCAG Publication Fees for CAG Trainee Members

The Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology is becoming well established, now approaching it’s first year anniversary. By the end of 2018, four print issues will have been published as well as a large number of open-access on-line papers. Thank you to the CAG membership for your support of, and submissions to, the JCAG.

One of the primary objectives of the CAG, in launching the JCAG, is to provide a venue for Canadian trainees to publish. The CAG is launching this initiative to in support of CAG Trainee members.

  • The CAG will subsidise the author publication fee for the first ten (10) submissions which are accepted for publication and for which the primary submitting author is a Trainee member of the CAG. When submitting your manuscript please ensure that your cover letter refers to the CAG Trainee Member Subsidy.
  • The discounted JCAG author publication fee of 1,000 USD, for CAG Trainee members, will be subsidised by 750 USD such that CAG Trainee authors only pay 250 USD.

The JCAG is published in collaboration with Oxford University Press, is an open-access journal, published largely on-line, and will have periodic print issues throughout the year. Dr. John Marshall (McMaster University) is the JCAG Editor-in-Chief.

Submit Here

Prior to submitting your manuscript, please review the author guidelines here.


Benefits of publishing in JCAG:

  • Streamlined Submission: no need to reformat articles for submission
  • Fast Decision Times
  • High Quality and Constructive Peer Review
  • Access to a large audience of gastroenterological professionals including doctors, nurses, researchers, surgeons, and scientists who are dedicated to quality digestive healthcare and the highest ethical standards.
There is a publication fee, as with any open-access online journal. We are pleased to note that CAG members will receive a discounted publication fee of $1,000 USD. To access your personalized discount code, please log in to your MY CAG account.

The Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology is, now, the official journal of the CAG and we encourage you, strongly, to consider submitting your work to JCAG for publication.


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