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DateTimeSession TitleTrack
Friday, February 908h00-09h30CAG Selected Clinical PresentationsClinical
Friday, February 908h00-09h30Acute Care/EmergenciesClinical
Friday, February 909h30-10h00Exhibits & Nutrition Break
Friday, February 910h00-11h30CAG/Crohn's and Colitis Canada Student Prize Paper PresentationsBasic Science
Friday, February 910h00-11h30Hands-on Skills and TechniquesClinical
Friday, February 910h00-11h30Advancing CareClinical
Friday, February 911h30-12h30Exhibits & Lunch
Friday, February 912h30-14h30Novel Immunotherapies for IBDBasic Science
Friday, February 912h30-14h30Case-based ProblemsClinical
Friday, February 914h30-15h00Exhibits & Nutrition Break
Friday, February 915h00-16h30Gut Microbes, Nutrition and CancerBasic Science
Friday, February 915h00-16h30Functional DisordersClinical
Friday, February 916h30-17h30CAG Annual General MeetingKey Events & Receptions
Friday, February 917h30-18h30CDDW™ Opening ReceptionKey Events & Receptions
Friday, February 918h30-19h30Trainee MixerKey Events & Receptions
Saturday, February 1008h00-09h00Approach to Chronic Diarrhea (non-IBD)Clinical
Saturday, February 1008h00-09h00Food Allergy/Intolerance: A practical approach to diagnosisClinical
Saturday, February 1008h00-09h00IBD (Crohn's Disease Guidelines, Treatment Advances, Targets of Care)Clinical
Saturday, February 1008h00-09h00Anticoagulation/Novel Oral Anticoagulants (NOACS) and ReversalClinical
Saturday, February 1008h30-10h30Immunometabolism and Gastrointestinal DiseaseBasic Science
Saturday, February 1009h00-10h30Autoimmune Hepatobiliary DiseaseClinical
Saturday, February 1009h00-10h30Gastroenterology Care Across CanadaClinical
Saturday, February 1010h30-11h00Exhibits & Nutrition Break
Saturday, February 1011h00-12h30Small Group Sessions (11h00-11h40 and 11h50-12h30)Clinical
Saturday, February 1011h00-12h30Small Group Sessions (11h00-11h40 and 11h50-12h30)Basic Science
Saturday, February 1012h30-13h30Exhibits & Lunch
Saturday, February 1013h30-15h00Career DevelopmentBasic Science
Saturday, February 1013h30-15h00What's New in Viral HepatitisClinical
Saturday, February 1013h30-15h00Bench to BedsideClinical
Saturday, February 1015h00-15h30Exhibits & Nutrition Break
Saturday, February 1015h30-17h00Neural Mechanisms of Pain in Gastrointestinal DiseaseBasic Science
Saturday, February 1015h30-17h00Transition to Adult Care: Challenges and solutionsClinical
Saturday, February 1015h30-17h00Endoscopy in 2018Clinical
Saturday, February 1017h00-17h30McKenna ReceptionKey Events & Receptions
Saturday, February 1017h30-18h30R.D. McKenna Memorial LectureKey Events & Receptions
Saturday, February 1018h30-20h00Poster Session 1Key Events & Receptions
Sunday February 1108h00-09h00Pain Management in Gastroenterology Opioids: More? Less?Clinical
Sunday February 1108h00-09h00Cystic Fibrosis for the GastroenterologistClinical
Sunday February 1108h00-09h00IBD Management: Switching biologicsClinical
Sunday February 1108h00-09h00NAFLD in the Community: What can you do?Clinical
Sunday February 1108h30-10h30Celiac Disease: Removing the fogBasic Science
Sunday February 1109h00-10h30Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)Clinical
Sunday February 1109h00-10h30Constipation: Update on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management Clinical
Sunday February 1110h30-11h00Exhibits & Nutrition Break
Sunday February 1111h00-12h30Small Group Sessions (11h00-11h40 and 11h50-12h30)Clinical
Sunday February 1111h00-12h30Small Group Sessions (11h00-11h40 and 11h50-12h30)Basic Science
Sunday February 1112h30-13h30Exhibits & Lunch
Sunday February 1113h30-15h00CAG Research Award LecturesClinical
Sunday February 1113h30-15h00Managing Complications of End-Stage Liver DiseaseClinical
Sunday February 1113h30-15h00Management of IBD in 2018Clinical
Sunday February 1115h00-15h30Exhibits & Nutrition Break
Sunday February 1115h30-17h00Microbiome and Host Cross-talk in Gastrointestinal Health and Disease: Metabolites and moreBasic Science
Sunday February 1115h30-16h30Kopelman LectureKey Events & Receptions
Sunday February 1115h30-17h00Cannabis in Gastroenterology: The science and the statusClinical
Sunday February 1117h00-18h00Awards CeremonyKey Events & Receptions
Sunday February 1118h00-19h30Poster Session 2Key Events & Receptions
Sunday February 1120h00-23h30Gala EveningKey Events & Receptions
Monday, February 1209h00-10h30Canadian Neurogastroenterology Network MeetingSpecial Interest Group
Monday, February 1209h00-11h00Canadian Gastroenterology Nutrition Network MeetingSpecial Interest Group
Monday, February 1209h00-10h00IMAGINE Network UpdateSpecial Interest Group
Monday, February 1210h00-14h00IMAGINE Network Administrative MeetingsSpecial Interest Group
Monday, February 1208h30-17h00Endoscopy Quality Symposium 2018Special Interest Group
Tuesday, February 1308h00-12h00Endoscopy Quality Symposium 2018Special Interest Group


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