About the Program

The CAG/Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)/Industry Research Program is an exceptional research opportunity in which the federal government/CIHR matches 1:1 all research funds raised.  Funding is available for individuals at all levels of training including clinicians, postdoctoral fellows, gastroenterology residents and PhD and summer students.  ALL monies contributed to the Program from industry and government flow through the Association to the researchers – no administrative fees are applied by CAG.

The program has been an overwhelming success, both in terms of the generous support from industry and the number and quality of alumni who have secured faculty positions within Canada.  A review of the achievements of the program from 1992 through 2002, including recognition of our partners, has been published in the CJG&H 2003 issue and more recently in 2013 in the CJG&H. In addition, each year’s award recipients and sponsors are announced in the CAG News Page of the Journal.


Why Sponsor Research?

Although the direct return on investment may not be clearly evident, support of the program will maintain and grow basic and clinical Gastroenterology within Canada.  This is of utmost importance for any company working in the field of Gastroenterology, in order to advance research and innovation and maintain a steady stream of clinical training.

In addition, partners are prominently noted as a co-sponsor of the Research Program in all announcements, inclusive of listing on signage and in the program at CDDW, and on the website.  The CAG also hosts a very successful annual Awards Ceremony at CDDW™ where corporate representatives are invited to formally to present an award to recipient(s).

Finally, this is an excellent opportunity to fulfill any required Rx&D research spend, while taking advantage of matched dollars from the federal government.  The partnership with the CIHR provides the highest level of credibility and assurance that the dollars spent are for peer reviewed and highly ranked Canadian research.


How it Works

The deadline for research award applications is typically October 15th, following which the CAG/CIHR Research Committee meet to review and score submissions.  Successful candidates are notified in January and upon acceptance the sponsor will be notified.  Awards are presented to recipients by the sponsor at Canadian Digestive Diseases Week™ (CDDW™) as noted above.  The CAG will invoice the sponsor each spring for funds for the upcoming research year which runs July 1st to June 30th.

Thank you to our sponsors