Corporate Sponsorship provides the funding to support the many programs and activities of the Association:

Beyond CDDW™, the CAG supports ‘lunch-and-learn’ programs, on-line lecture series and practice audit programs, and annually produces consensus reports and position statements.  The CAG just received exemplary review status from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) inclusive of a 5-year renewal of its accreditor status.

The CAG/CIHR/Industry Research Program is an exceptional one, providing over $2 million annually for gastrointestinal research.  Because 100% of research program funds are paid to awardees, it is only through corporate sponsorship that CAG can recoup the sizable costs of administering the 35-40 annual active awards.

Approximately 17 CAG committees work to advance and support gastroenterology in Canada in areas including education, endoscopy, pediatrics, practice affairs, and research.  As the CAG is a volunteer peer organization, executive, board and committee members do not receive payment for their time and service.  However, funding is required to support the teleconferences and occasional meetings that advance committee work.

Special Projects
At any one time the CAG is active in several key initiatives - corporate sponsorship supports projects that are not funded by other sources.

Member Services
Costs associated with maintaining member services include processing applications, weekly record maintenance, and mailings and monthly communications to advertise initiatives of the CAG and partners.  The CAG website was redesigned in 2007 to offer enhance functionality and ease of navigation.  Website resources include CDDW™ abstract submission and registration, educational programs, event notices, a Members Only section and online surveys.

Finally, corporate sponsorship supports the direct operating expenses of the National Office (office rent, phone, fax, supplies, website maintenance, etc.) as well as staff costs to support CAG activities.

The Association welcomes inquiries from companies interested in learning more about CAG Corporate Sponsorship - Please contact:

Paul Sinclair, CAG Executive Director
Tel: 905-829-2504
Toll-free: 888-780-0007