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Assistant/Associate Professor - Academic Gastroenterologist - Toronto, ON - posted March 5, 2017

Gastroenterologist - Yellowknife, NWT - posted March 4, 2017

Gastroenterologist - Kamloops, BC - posted January 23, 2017

Gastroenterologist with Advanced Therapeutics - Kamloops, BC - posted January 23, 2017

General Gastroenterology Locum - St. John's, Newfoundland - posted January 9, 2017

Gastroenterologist - Kamloops, BC - posted December 14, 2016

Academic Gastroenterologist - Vancouver, BC - posted December 9, 2016

Assistant/Associate Professor - Academic Gastroenterologist- Toronto, ON - posted December 6, 2016

Gastroenterologist/Internist - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - posted November 7, 2016

Chief of Gastroenterology, Western University - London, ON- posted August 2, 2016

Gastroenterologist - Sault Ste. Marie, ON - posted April 6, 2016

Assistant / Associate Professor - Academic Gastroenterologist - Toronto, ON - posted March 21, 2016

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology - posted January 29, 2016

Gastroenterologist - Peterborough, ON - posted January 26, 2016

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The CAG is recruiting members interested in the following topics to form a working group:

  • Gastroenterology and the “Right to Die” legislation
  • Equity and Gender “Mentorship” program


Gastroenterology and the Right-to-Die Legislation

Dear colleagues,

As you are probably aware, the right-to-die legislation adopted by the Supreme Court of Canada in February 2015 has invalidated the Criminal Code articles forbidding anyone to help another person to die.  The Supreme Court of Canada gave the government one year to change its approach to the right-to-die legislation in accordance with the parameters defined by the Supreme Court. However, the recent change in government has led the Liberal party to ask for a six-month extension to allow for the exploration of potential responses to this new legislation.

If the new legislation were to be accepted as currently stated, it could be applied to any competent adult person who clearly consents to the termination of his/her life and has a grievous and irremediable medical condition. That would include any illness, disease or disability that causes enduring suffering  intolerable to the individual in the circumstances of his or her condition.  Gastroenterology will not escape this new regulation; we have only to think, for example, of digestive cancers and terminal liver failure.

As the Chair of the CAG Ethics, it is my intention to form a sub-committee with the mandate to propose parameters that could be used in nominating diseases eligible for consideration by the new regulation.

To this end, I would like to invite any of my colleagues across Canada who may be interested to help me with this task. Please do let me know if you would like to participate.

Louis-Charles Rioux
Chair: Ethics Committee

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CAG Equity & Gender Subcommittee Mentorship Working Group Job Description

Feedback from the CAG Equity & Gender Needs Assessment identified mentorship as an area of need among members.   Based on these results, we are looking for CAG members interested in forming a working group to develop and implement a mentoring/mentorship training session for CDDW™ 2017. 

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