As of 2018, GIs who identify as Female made up 31% of all GI physicians in Canada1. Currently they are less visible in leadership positions such as GI Division Directors, GI Program Directors and Society Presidents than men. Women have unique challenges that may affect their career paths. It is also recognized that mentorship has positive impacts on a woman’s academic, personal, and professional life. While senior male colleagues may informally provide this mentorship, it is envisaged that a more formal mentorship program offered to female GIs and delivered by female GIs, would be beneficial by offering the perspectives faced by women in medicine.


The program’s objective is to provide female residents and newer gastroenterologists access to mentors from diverse GI practices, academic departments, and geographic regions. We hope to foster casual dialogue between mentors and mentees, while affording trainees the opportunity to gain valuable guidance and career advice from faculty not accessible to them in their training programs. This program is open to CAG women gastroenterologists (trainees and staff) from all GI backgrounds, including academic faculty, community practice, and non-clinical.

It is our hope that this program will be a useful tool, where participants can receive answers to questions that will help them reach their professional goals and aspirations, by someone who is not in a direct supervisory role, as well as provide them with exposure to faculty nationwide.

The Program

A Mentor will be matched to a Mentee based on answers provided in the completed application questionnaires. Once Mentor-Mentee pairs are determined, and each is informed of the match, Mentors will be instructed to contact Mentees through the Mentees’ preferred modes of communication, (e.g., e-mail, phone) within thirty days of notification of matching. The pair will be encouraged to connect at least twice per year, though it is left to their discretion. In addition, CAG will be hosting a mentorship forum at CDDW™. All participating Mentors and Mentees will be invited to attend this session, which will feature an opportunity for unstructured discussion as well as a colloquium on topics pertaining to the benefits of mentorship. The program will be assessed annually. Feedback will be obtained via questionnaires distributed to both Mentees and Mentors. The data will be analyzed to evaluate the success of the program and to identify areas in need of improvement. In order to continue participating in the mentoring program, Mentees will be required to submit their evaluations.

Who can apply?

All who self-identify as female trainees, or gastroenterologists within 5 years of completing their fellowship programs, will be encouraged to apply via the Mentee Application, and all female senior gastroenterologists will be encouraged to use the Mentor Application. All applicants must be CAG members.

How to apply?

Please apply below.



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