The annual Canadian Association of Gastroenterology CAG/CASL Scholars’ Program is a unique learning program in gastroenterology/hepatology for medical students (Y3-Y4) and internal medicine residents (PGY1-PGY2). The Program is run just prior to CDDW™.

The Scholars’ Program is structured to identify exceptional 3rd and 4th year medical students and PGY 1/PGY 2 internal medicine and pediatric residents to encourage them to consider a career in gastroenterology.
Successful candidates will:
•    be medical students having completed two years, or internal medical or paediatric residents in the first or second year (PGY 1 or PGY 2) of their program, and not having previously participated in the Scholars’ Program,
•    be considered likely to select a career in gastroenterology,
•    be identified as completing a clinical or research rotation with an outstanding evaluation, supported by a letter of recommendation from either the RCPSC Program Director for Gastroenterology or university Divisional Director for Gastroenterology that includes an agreement that the nominee will be protected from call the day before the program through the day after the program.
•    have their recommendation form signed by the RCPSC Program Director for Gastroenterology
•    be trainees intending to practice in Canada
All expenses must be accompanied by original receipts and reimbursement will only occur after Expense Form and original receipts are received by the CAG - must be submitted within 30 days.

Download Expense Form here.

Signing the Expense Form verifies that no other funding has been received for the incurred expenses.

A per diem allowance is not provided.

The lowest cost economy-class flight fare will be booked through the CDDW™ travel agent, Tourmasters Travel. Tourmasters will then look for options matching your request and will contact you to confirm your flights which will be billed to the CAG master account. Login details will be provided closer to CDDW™. As flights are lowest fare economy class, they are neither changeable nor upgradeable, thus please carefully consider your departure and arrival times before confirming to Tourmasters Travel. Any cancellations/changes thereafter (and subsequent fees) will be your responsibility.

Accommodation must be booked through the CDDW™ event planner, E=mc2 Events. This event company will contact you regarding your desired length of stay. The CAG will cover your accommodation (base room rate + tax) for the nights of the Scholars' Program with additional nights being at your expense.
Note: accommodation will be shared for GRIT, Scholars' and Research Topics trainees/students. You are responsible for any and all incidental costs charged to your room.

Ground Transportation:
Scholars' Program faculty will be reimbursed the cost of transportation to and from the meeting venue. The CAG will not reimburse for rental cars, parking or transportation costs outside of the travel to and from the meeting/event. If you choose to rent a vehicle, reimbursement for such will not exceed an inclusive maximum of $130.00. Personal vehicle mileage incurred to and from the meeting will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.55/km.
Scholars' Program trainees/students will be responsible for paying their own ground transportation and will not subsequently be reimbursed for this expense.

Honoraria are not provided for faculty of the Scholars' Program.

Meals will be provided for the duration of the Scholars' Program. Hence, additional meals should not be required and will not be reimbursed.

The CAG will not reimburse any costs related to spouses or guests – accommodation must be arranged on your own.

Procedure for CAG/CASL Scholars' Program

Step One: Nomination - Deadline is October 15 11:59 ET

The adult Program Director from each university across Canada may nominate a total of TWO candidates from their Medical program (Y3-Y4) and/or Adult Gastroenterology program (PGY1-PGY2) to attend the Scholars’ Program. One additional (THIRD) candidate may be nominated from within the Paediatric Gastroenterology specialty (PGY1-PGY2) for those universities with both an Adult and Paediatric program.

Submission must be done online by the Adult Program Director and includes uploading the nominees CV as well as a letter of recommendation signed by the Program Director which states that the nominee will be protected from call the day before through the day after the program.

Step Two: Review

Candidates will be reviewed by the CAG/CASL Scholars' Program Co-Chairs. There will be a maximum of 34 candidates chosen for the program.

Step Three: Approval

The CAG will contact only successful candidates for the program.