The CAG strongly supports the development and maintenance of formal educational research component within Gastroenterology in Canada. The CAG, with our partner, AbbVie Centre of Excellence in Continuing Health Education, is pleased to offer a new education research grant aimed to foster quality research in medical education (which could include aspects of professional collaboration), as well as maintain, and grow this important role within Canadian Gastroenterology.
This CAG Educational Research Grant is available to CAG members who have made a commitment in their career towards education training and/or educational research. Applicants must be involved in teaching and/or medical education research in Canada. Applications must meet contemporary standards of educational research, which includes the relevance of the research question, quality of research design, appropriateness of the proposed budget, and the ability to complete the project in the specified time period. Preference will be provided to applicants with a dedicated trainee to the project, preferably a GI fellow, although consideration will be provided to applicants with interested trainees at all levels with an interest in Gastroenterology.
Selection will be based on the scientific merit and clarity of the proposal, and its relevance to Gastroenterology. The following areas of research are encouraged but not limited to:
•    Curriculum design and implementation
•    Assessment strategies
•    CanMEDS curriculum and assessment
•    Procedural skills curriculum and assessment
A maximum of two (2) awards of $7,500 will be made annually. The award is for a period of one year (January 1 - December 31) and is not renewable.

2016 Award Recipient

Dr. Catharine M. Walsh, University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Application Process

Step One: Application - Deadline is September 15 11:59 PM ET

Please submit application form.

Step Two: Review

Applications will be reviewed by the Education Affairs Commitee.

Step Three: Approval

All applicants will be notified via email of the approval results.

Step Four: Submit Progress Report

Successful applicants are expected to submit a short report (1-2 pages) on their progress and to present a summary of their research at CDDW™.