The CAG endeavors to accredit a wide variety of educational programs to assist their members in maintaining their competence and skills and in advancing their knowledge and practice experience. In accordance with the CAG’s CPD mission statement a wide variety of educational programs are reviewed in order to provide members with opportunities to meet their complex and diverse learning needs over the continuum of practice.

To meet the increasingly complex needs of clinicians; the CAG will review and accredit appropriate Group Learning Programs which meet all the necessary standards for CPD program accreditation.

The application for accreditation Accredited Group Learning Program Review (available from CAG head office and/or on the CAG web site) must be completed by the applicant and submitted at least 10 weeks before the planned activity.

Programs developed by physician organizations and those planned and developed in accordance with the co-developed policies and procedures of the CAG may be submitted for accreditation review in accordance with RCPSC guidelines.

The CAG endeavors to review these programs on a timely basis and will provide a letter of accreditation to the applicant as well as any comments or suggestions for the program developer(s). The CAG may indicate that some changes are required to complete the accreditation program or accredit with no additional requirements.

After the program has been accredited the accreditation is in place for one year.

Requirements for Section One CPD Programs:

Criteria 1: The event must be planned to address the identified needs of the target audience.

Criteria 2: Learning objectives that address identified needs must be created for the overall event and individual sessions. The learning objectives must be printed on the program brochure and/or handout materials.

Criteria 3: At least 25 per cent of the total education time must be devoted to interactive learning.

Criteria 4: The event must include an evaluation of the event’s established learning objectives and the learning outcomes identified by participants.

Criteria 5: The event must meet the Ethical Standards for Continuing Professional Development:

Group CPD events approved under Section 1 must meet the CMA Guidelines governing the relationship between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry (Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry). The Code of Ethics for parties involved in Continuing Medical Education of the Conseil québécois de développement professionnel continu des médecins must be met in the province of Québec; and the CPD event or program evaluation form must include the following question: “Did the activity comply with the Code of Ethics for parties involved in Continuing Medical Education?”

For more information on these standards, please visit the following websites:

The CAG will accept for review and accreditation CPD programs under Section One and Section Three that meet the following requirements:

•    The program MUST be developed independently and submitted by a physician organization as defined by the RCPSC.
•    All other programs including those developed by ‘non-physician organizations’ or other ‘physician groups’ MUST be co-developed with the CAG in accordance with the RCPSC policies and procedures for co-developed programs.
•    The CPD program MUST meet all the educational requirements for Section One and Section Three in accordance with the standards set forth by the RCPSC
•    The CPD program MUST meet all the ethical and financial requirements for Section One and Section Three in accordance with the standards set forth by the RCPSC
•    The CPD program planners MUST be willing to submit a final report to CAG which includes a summary of who participated in the program and a summary of the evaluation of the program by the learners.

Please Note: The final program content is the intellectual property of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG) and therefore dissemination of this program, or components thereof, after CAG  accreditation/re-accreditation has expired, is not supported.  The CAG must be contacted, and will assess utilisation, in any instance where utilization of this program, or components thereof, is being considered after the expiration of CAG accreditation.