CDDW™ 2022 FAQs

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Below is a tutorial on how to access and easily navigate between Education Hall and Networking Hall.







Download a PDF of the below FAQs here.




How do I access CDDW™?

You will find links to Education Hall and Networking Hall here:

Make sure you check the above tutorial to learn how to access and easily navigate between Education Hall and Networking Hall.


What is Education Hall?

Education Hall is where you will find our accredited symposia and small group sessions. You’ll also find our e-posters here.


How do I find an e-poster?

You will find a direct link to the e-posters off the CDDW™ launch page, or if you are in Education Hall you will find them on the poster tab. E-posters are sorted by category.

Use the drop-down menu to filter by the category you are interested in.

You can also find posters by the presenting author, go to the speaker tab, and click on the author of the poster you want to view.


How do I watch a symposium or small group session?

Go to this link and click on the symposium you’d like to watch. A few minutes before the session, click on the link that you will see in the large blue font above the session details. Only people registered for CDDW™ will have access to the online sessions and you must enter the email address you used to register for CDDW™ when prompted.


What is Networking Hall?

This is where you’ll find our valued sponsors (please take some time to visit them in their virtual booths!), entertainment, contests, and networking opportunities. 


How do I access Networking Hall?

Enter the email address you used to register for CDDW™. If asked for a code, please enter: CDDW 


Private Chats

If you want to speak with someone in Network Hall, find their profile in the Delegates tab and move your cursor over it. Two options will appear, a ‘chat’ will allow you to send them a private text message and ‘meet’ allows you to video chat with them!


Group Chats

In the Lounges, you will find a series of lounge setups where groups can have a video chat. Find an open seat, click on it, make sure your camera and microphone are working, and join the discussion!


Need Help?

If your question isn’t answered in our FAQs, you can find our onsite Help Desk in the Lounges. You can also email




What is the Networking Contest?

The goal is to collect points while in Networking Hall. The more you do, the more you’ll earn!


How do I collect points?

There are lots of ways to collect points!  Participating in the surveys or contests, meeting with our sponsors, networking with fellow delegates are all great ways to collect points!


Are there prizes for collecting the most points?

YES!  There are daily and cumulative prizes available.


How do I search for another delegate in Networking Hall?

Go to the Delegates tab, and a full listing of registered delegates can be found. Or, you can use the search function and search by name.




Are all the sessions going to be recorded?

Yes, all talks (that granted permission) at CDDW™ will be recorded. 


How do I access the recordings?

A week after March 6, 2022, recordings from the two-day program will be available to all registered delegates.

A week after April 23, 2022, content from that day’s program will be added.

Recordings will be posted in Education Hall and all delegates will have access to on-demand viewing until August 31, 2022.